Electronic Video Magnifiers or CCTV's

CCTV's or Video Magnifiers are a boon to individuals with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cateracts and a variety of other eye conditions. When regular glasses or magnifiers aren't adequate to allow the individual to read, these devices can permit a visually impaired individual to read a newpaper, a prescription bottle, a letter, or balance their check book. They can be the key to a return to independence.

Mainely Access Inc. sells video magnifiers produced by a wide variety of manufacturers. These include:

  • Ash Technologies
  • Enhanced Vision Systems
  • Magnisight
  • Optelec
  • Pulse Data

We at Mainely Access Inc. travel throughout the state helping you choose the system which would best meet your needs. Setup and training in the use of the system you choose are included in the purchase price.

To arrange for a no cost, no obligation demostration of an electronic video magnifier contact Mary Beth at 207-650-8414 or mbwalsh@mainelyaccess.com


Mike at 207-650-8343 or m.adams@mainelyaccess.com